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6/23/2015 Danish Regions to lose 800 hospital jobs
As a result of the cuts agreed by a majority in the regional council yesterday, almost 800 hospital jobs are to be axed in Central Denmark Region.

6/23/2015 Løkke closer to forming government
The Liberals edge closer to being able to form a government as negotiations with the DPP continue.

6/23/2015 Teachers may decide own work hours
Following last years’ dispute, many teachers are making separate working hours agreements with their local authorities.

6/23/2015 Region may not boycott Ryanair
A number of municipal authorities, including Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense have decided to boycott Irish budget airline, Ryanair.

6/22/2015 Rasmussen gives up on majority government
Liberal chairman Lars Løkke Rasmussen has abandoned hope of forming a government comprising the four blue block parties.

6/22/2015 Denmark remains second-most peaceful country
Iceland is ranked as the most peaceful country in the world, followed by Denmark.

6/22/2015 Independent schools on the rise
Twenty-three new independent schools are expected to open this year, 11 of which are replacing a closed municipal school.

6/22/2015 Skaarup predicts Liberal Government
DPP chair Peter Skaarup predicts a pure Liberal minority government.

6/22/2015 Denmark can boost border control
Denmark can increase border control activities without violating the Schengen Agreement, says expert in the field.

6/19/2015 Cryptic comment from Lars Løkke
The Liberals have not had a particularly good election and the coming days will show whether the party will be able to form a centre-right government.