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Hjalet A/S

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12/17/2014 Østergaard: Syrian refugees here to stay
The thousands of Syrian refugees who have come to Denmark in recent months will be here for many years, says Social Liberal leader Morten Østergaard.

12/17/2014 Doctor in Carina case censured
The consultant doctor at Aarhus University Hospital who was responsible for treating Carina Melchior has been officially censured.

12/17/2014 Government responds to cyber threat
In future, citizens and companies can have greater confidence that their sensitive digital data is being well looked after.

12/17/2014 Energy drinks bad for children
Energy drinks taste good and have a stimulating effect, but one in five 10- to 14-year-olds who consumes them is getting too much caffeine.

12/17/2014 DMI: 2014 warmest year ever
Although the thermometer is showing single-digit temperatures and the gritting lorries have been sent out, 2014 looks to be the warmest year ever.

12/16/2014 Teachers reopen work hours dispute
The Danish Union of Teachers has reopened its dispute with local authorities on teachers’ working hours.

12/16/2014 New policing methods halve robberies
A more analytical approach to policing has halved the number of street robberies compared to last year.

12/16/2014 UN criticises Eritrea report
In a particularly critical statement, the UNHCR has expressed a number of concerns about the Danish Eritrea report.

12/16/2014 Altor concealed Bunker oil speculation
OW Bunker camouflaged the income it received from oil speculation in company accounts.

12/16/2014 Record Christmas aid collection
Many Danish families will receive Christmas aid thanks to Danes’ willingness to donate to help vulnerable families.