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7/22/2014 SPP: Internet for open prison inmates
Inmates of open prisons should have access to the internet, proposes Karina Lorentzen Dehnhardt, legal affairs spokeswoman for the SPP.

7/22/2014 Lifeguards at full stretch
As the good weather, high temperatures and summer holidays send Danes flocking to the coast, beach lifeguards are being kept at full stretch.

7/22/2014 Six Danes still trapped in Gaza
Efforts are continuing to safely extract Danish nationals trapped in the conflict-ridden Gaza Strip.

7/22/2014 Dane survives bear attack in Canada
A Danish tourist has survived an attack by a bear while on holiday in Canada.

7/21/2014 Lidegaard: Israel has gone too far
Israel has the right to defend itself but is going too far, believes Minister for Foreign Affairs Martin Lidegaard (SocLib).

7/21/2014 Minister for Food: Buy Danish!
When food is prepared in Danish homes, a higher proportion of ingredients should come from Denmark, believes Minister for Food Dan Jørgensen (SocDem).

7/21/2014 First gay adoption from abroad
For the first time ever, a gay couple from Denmark has adopted a child from abroad.

7/21/2014 SPP backs intelligence whistleblowing
The SPP is proposing that intelligence employees should be able to confidentially inform politicians of suspected illegal activity.

7/18/2014 Journalists expose farms with pig MRSA
Danish Agriculture and Food Council think it is unfair to publish the names of pig herds infected with MRSA.

7/18/2014 Full pay on parental leave
Bjarne Laustsen (SocDem) thinks there should be more opportunities for parents to work half time for full pay while their children are small.