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10/31/2014 Danes positive about digital postbox
It appears that many Danes welcome the idea of a digital postbox.

10/31/2014 21-year-old Danish hacker released
The Danish co-defendant in Denmark’s biggest ever hacking trial was yesterday found guilty - but left the court a free man pending final sentencing.

10/31/2014 Support parties: Recognise Palestine
The SocDem-SocLib government can no longer refuse to recognise Palestine on the grounds that Denmark would be isolated in the EU.

10/31/2014 Denmark exporting cheap wind energy
During windy periods, Denmark is generating a large surplus of green wind energy, much of which is being exported cheaply.

10/31/2014 Research money for drones and cannabis
The Danish Parliament reached an agreement yesterday on the distribution of DKK 857 million in the research reserve.

10/30/2014 Over 1,000 recorded child abuse cases
Børnehusene, the new shelters for abused children and young people, have now been operating for a year with some success.

10/30/2014 Funding of hospital new builds unfair
Complications in funding for building the new ‘super hospitals’ as well as other hospital building projects unfair say Danish Regions.

10/30/2014 Apprenticeship waiting lists too long
Lists showing thousands of students in vocational colleges still waiting for work experience placements need to be significantly shorter.

10/30/2014 No foot and mouth in Denmark
The Ministry of Food, Agriculture has confirmed there is no danger of the feared foot and mouth disease in Denmark.

10/30/2014 Fired for internet misuse
Vestas employee who updated his Facebook profile while at work is dismissed and asked to leave immediately.