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3/27/2015 Genetic testing on the rise
The number of Danes referred by their GP for genetic testing in the public health service has more than doubled in just four years

3/27/2015 Red block eats into blue block support
A new Epinion poll conducted for DR News has the red block gaining six seats, thus making significant inroads into the blue block support.

3/27/2015 Ruling benefits disabled children
Parents with disabled children across the country should benefit from a ruling by the National Social Appeals Board against Aarhus Municipality.

3/27/2015 Boost for social housing in Copenhagen
The City of Copenhagen has taken an important step towards achieving its goal of having 20% social housing by 2025

3/27/2015 Skagerrak awash with netting and plastic
Birds and fish in the Skagerrak are suffering as a result of marine rubbish, which is washing up on its beaches in large quantities.

3/26/2015 Beeping soap dispensers can save lives
A new hospital project is using beeping soap dispensers to remind patients and staff to wash their hands.

3/26/2015 Muslim men seek help at crisis centres
It is not only Muslim women who need protection as a result of honour-related conflicts; Muslim men are no strangers to men’s crisis centres.

3/26/2015 Government favours more paternity leave
A large number of Social Democrat and Social Liberal MPs and parliamentary candidates want more dedicated paternity leave.

3/26/2015 Fewer asylum seekers coming to Denmark
The number of people coming to Denmark to seek asylum continues to fall.

3/26/2015 Challenges for HF programmes
Students choosing HF (higher preparatory) programmes often have poor basic school grades and are disaffected with schooling, according to a new study.