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5/27/2015 PM to declare election date
Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (SocDem) is expected to hold a press conference today at which she will announce a date for a General Election.

5/27/2015 Danish companies win military contracts
Military aircraft manufacturers are competing to give orders worth millions of kroner to Danish companies.

5/27/2015 Has the government got its maths wrong?
According to Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (SocDem), the government will invest an average of DKK 3 billion a year on welfare forward to 2020.

5/27/2015 Danish aircraft drop 16 more bombs
Defence Command Denmark has reported that Danish aircraft have taken part in more offensive missions in Iraq in recent weeks.

5/27/2015 Corkscrews not classed as clasp knives
Corkscrews with a small knife to cut the foil off wine bottles will not be classed as illegal clasp knives by the Danish National Police.

5/26/2015 Government reveals election proposal
The government is to promise a DKK 22 billion investment in healthcare and the elderly over four years.

5/26/2015 Better help for ADHD parents
Help is at hand with a new course for parents of young children with ADHD.

5/26/2015 Govt declares recession over
The recession is over and for the first time in many years, Denmark is experiencing an economic upturn.

5/26/2015 DPP propose more for unemployed
The Danish People’s Party would like to see more public funds invested in social welfare system.

5/26/2015 Minister to cut back on battery eggs
Government plans to help chicken farmers transform from battery production to alternatives.