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24-04-2014 Denmark makes Minecraft history
Two employees of the Danish Geodata Agency have made Denmark the first real country to feature in the online game Minecraft.

24-04-2014 Frederiksen: Danes are right
Mette Frederiksen (SocDem) believes the Social Democrats need to take the Danish people’s concerns seriously if they are to win their trust.

24-04-2014 DK ratifies domestic violence convention
Denmark is now the 11th country to ratify the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.

24-04-2014 Parents call on DK to “wake up”
The Somali Parents Association is urging Danes to wake up and help young people who are at risk of becoming jihadists.

24-04-2014 Pupils bring down school computers
Pupils in Hedensted carried out a so-called DDoS attack on their school’s computer network to avoid having to take a national test.

23-04-2014 Parties look nervously at EP poll
The Conservatives, the SPP and the People’s Movement against the EU are in danger of falling out of the European Parliament altogether.

23-04-2014 Anxiety in children going untreated
Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders in children and is often easy to treat, but there are almost no services for sufferers.

23-04-2014 Prospects good for Danish dairy farmers
Chinese demand for Danish milk and the imminent lifting of EU quotas mean that Danish dairy farmers could be facing a golden future.

23-04-2014 Only 375 shops accept mobile payments
Mobile phones can now be used to carry out transactions in shops, but currently very few shops actually accept mobile payments.

23-04-2014 Back pain being overlooked
Denmark’s biggest ever funding programme for tackling chronic conditions almost completely passed by the most common such condition ? back pain.