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9/16/2014 Danish experts help fight Ebola
Four experts from the Danish Emergency Management Agency have been sent to Liberia in support of UN efforts to combat the deadly Ebola virus.

9/16/2014 Senior managers leave Health Agency
The Danish Health and Medicines Agency has announced comprehensive plans for restructuring.

9/16/2014 TDC buys Norwegian cable TV company
TDC has announced that it has bought the Norwegian cable TV company Get A/S for DKK 12.5 billion.

9/16/2014 Possible cutbacks in children’s sector
Local authority budgets may result in significant cutbacks in children’s services.

9/15/2014 SocDems triumph in Swedish election
The Social Democrats have won the Swedish General Election and Sweden has a new Prime Minister, party leader Stefan Löfven.

9/15/2014 Tougher approach to youth crime
The Liberals, Conservatives, Danish People’s Party and the Liberal Alliance have joined forces in a series of new initiatives to combat youth criminality.

9/15/2014 Government toughens up on faith groups
Faith groups to be subject to legislation.

9/15/2014 Record numbers of asylum seekers
There are currently more asylum seekers arriving in Denmark than at any time over the last 20 years.

9/12/2014 Government may confiscate passports
Part of the government’s anti-radicalisation plan may be to confiscate the passports of those who are considering fighting in Syria.

9/12/2014 Low turnout for school homework cafes
Danish schools’ new initiative to offer homework help for pupils during school time has not proved as popular as had been hoped.