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7/31/2014 SocDems want to replace quota system
The Social Democrats think that admission to higher education programmes should not be based solely on students’ overall average grades.

7/31/2014 Liberal economic discrimination
A Liberal Party internal working paper proposes two levels of immigration.

7/31/2014 FCK fans attacked in the Ukraine
Champions League match stopped when FCK fans were attacked by Dnipro supporters in Kiev.

7/31/2014 Right wing rejects Israel criticism
Almost all the Danish right wing parties believe that Israel has done nothing wrong in the current crisis.

7/31/2014 Little danger of Ebola in Denmark
There is no cause for concern that Ebola might reach Denmark, says official at the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.

7/30/2014 Record higher ed admissions
More than 64,000 applicants have been admitted to a higher education programme.

7/30/2014 Another Liberal joins Støjberg criticism
Another prominent Liberal politician has rejected Inger Støjberg’s controversial proposal.

7/30/2014 SocDem proposes incentive for landlords
Jan Johansen of the Social Democrats has proposed an initiative to increasing housing for students.

7/30/2014 Thorning rejects criticism of Israel
Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt rejects joining SocDem condemnation of Israel.

7/30/2014 Liberals support prison discrimination
Liberals say that prison conditions for the growing number of foreign nationals in Danish prisons are far too good.