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Hjalet A/S

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11/28/2014 DK now has 86,802 empty rural houses
From 2010 to the present day, 3,621 more houses have become empty in outlying municipalities such as Lolland, Frederikshavn and Morsø.

11/28/2014 Unauthorised patient data to be deleted
The Region of Southern Denmark is no longer in doubt that the approvals for the DAMD database are not in order and intends to delete much of the data.

11/28/2014 Unhygienic food producer shut down
The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has shut down the production facilities of food manufacturer Nordic Ingredients north of Randers.

11/28/2014 Opposition wants Jutland motorway
If the opposition parties win power at the next election – as all the polls are indicating – the focus will switch from rail to road transport.

11/28/2014 4 million NemID users spared Java
Citizens no longer need to worry about security issues and software updates when logging onto, or using their NemID.

11/28/2014 Ka maaranka NemId ee barnaamijka Java
Waa la joojiyay walaacii dhinaca goldaloolooyinka ammaanka iyo barnaamijyada marwalba la cusboonaysiinayo, marka la isticmaalayo NemId.

11/27/2014 Lykketoft gets top job at UN
Next year, a Dane will occupy one of the top positions at the UN when Mogens Lykketoft (SocDem) becomes President of the General Assembly.

11/27/2014 Huge deficit the focus in Greenland
The election campaign in Greenland found a new key issue yesterday when it emerged that the Greenlandic economy is worse off than previously assumed.

11/27/2014 School-parent communication souring
Vamdrup School south-west of Kolding is to introduce guidelines on how the school and parents should communicate with one another.

11/27/2014 Gang register backfiring
The police register of individuals with gang connections is backfiring in one important respect.