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10/17/2014 SAS introduces Ebola task force
Fears over Ebola have led SAS, Denmark’s biggest airline, to set up a task force to intervene if a passenger shows symptoms of the deadly virus.

10/17/2014 DK doing well with Syrian refugees
From 1 January 2012 to 1 September 2014, Denmark took in more Syrian refugees than 15 other EU countries combined.

10/17/2014 Lars Hedegaard to stand for election
Lars Hedegaard, who has been at the centre of so much recent drama, plans to stand as an independent in the next general election.

10/17/2014 Danish F16s fly first mission in Iraq
Danish fighter planes took to the air for the first time yesterday in the battle against Islamic State in northern Iraq.

10/17/2014 HPV vaccination for boys?
New research from Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital) shows that cases of HPV-triggered tonsil cancer in men have increased significantly.

10/16/2014 1 in 3 municipalities to cut tax in 2015
Nearly one in three municipalities is set to cut personal and/or corporate taxes next year.

10/16/2014 GPS tracking of patients rejected
The Ministry of Health and Prevention has rejected Hvidovre Hospital’s proposal to fit dementia patients with GPS tracking devices.

10/16/2014 ITB okays anonymity for hacked companies
Danish companies that have been hacked could be granted anonymity if they are legally compelled to report the attack, suggests ITB.

10/16/2014 Denmark has a new political party
The National Party is a new Danish political party that wants to put a stop to intolerance, mistrust and fear in Danish society.

10/16/2014 20,000 police mapping illegal immigrants
This week and next, Danish police are participating in a large-scale EU police action.