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10/23/2014 Further rise in asylum seekers
The number of asylum seekers coming to Denmark is continuing to rise, Minister of Justice Mette Frederiksen (SocDem) has told the Danish Parliament.

10/23/2014 10 acquitted of terror funding
Ten Danish-Kurdish men were acquitted yesterday in Denmark’s biggest-ever terror funding trial.

10/23/2014 DK gives more money to fight Ebola
It is a battle against time if the Ebola epidemic is to be halted, says Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation Mogens Jensen (SocDem).

10/23/2014 Danish terror suspect held in Lebanon
A 19-year-old Danish citizen from Copenhagen has been imprisoned in Lebanon since June, suspected of fighting for Islamic State.

10/23/2014 Hedegaard questions Turkish statement
Lars Hedegaard has questioned an official statement by the Turkish authorities that they were opposed to the release of his suspected assassin.

10/22/2014 TV packages becoming more expensive
Despite the growing competition from streaming services, television packages are continuing to go up in price.

10/22/2014 “Noah’s ark” becomes “Noah’s boat”
In a new translation of two books of the Old Testament, the word “ark” is just one of many words to be sacrificed on the altar of language.

10/22/2014 6 Danish MEPs to reject Commission
When voting takes place in Strasbourg this afternoon, six of the 13 Danish MEPs intend to press their red buttons.

10/22/2014 Huge success for summer schools
In just two weeks of intensive summer school, 99 boys improved their reading by an average of nearly three school years.

10/22/2014 Going private means quicker appointments
Wait months for an appointment or pay to skip the waiting time; this is the scenario with many of the country’s medical specialists across the board.