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4/27/2015 Danish experts and equipment to Nepal
The Danish government will send a team of eight experts and IT equipment from the Danish Emergency Management Agency to Nepal.

4/27/2015 Danish climber will stay on Everest
Danish climber, Carsten Lillelund Pedersen will stay on Everest until the remaining climbers on the mountain return to safety.

4/27/2015 Police overtime: the personal price
Increased police presence following the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen has resulted in massive police overtime.

4/27/2015 Many new Danes are PTSD sufferers
New figures show than many new Danish citizens suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

4/27/2015 Lack of police noticeable
Regional police are unable to do their jobs due to increased anti-terrorist precautions in Copenhagen, say police associations.

4/24/2015 Fake fine wine on sale in the workplace
A large quantity of counterfeit fine wine has been sold through Danish workplaces and sports associations.

4/24/2015 Dyne-Larsen buys Actona Company
Businessman Lars Larsen – known by the nickname Dyne-Larsen (Duvet Larsen) – is to take over the furniture company Actona Company A/S.

4/24/2015 EU leaders treble budget for Med
EU leaders have resolved to treble the budget for the Triton and Poseidon maritime patrol operations off Italy and Greece.

4/24/2015 600,000 Danes have no savings
Danes have got worse at putting money aside for their old age.

4/24/2015 Teachers: Inclusion still a problem
Teachers in municipal primary and lower-secondary schools are still having major problems including more socially and academically demanding pupils.