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1/26/2015 The digital courtroom
A new video system for considering extensions of custody has been installed in 56 courts and 150 prisons and detention centres throughout Denmark.

1/26/2015 Negative interest costs millions
New figures reveal that the Danish National Bank’s negative interest rate on certificates of deposit has cost banks around DKK 370 million.

1/26/2015 Children’s complaints rejected
The majority of complaints to the Danish Ombudsman’s Children and Young People’s Office are rejected out of hand.

1/26/2015 More women and elderly running marathons
New statistics show that from once being considered an extreme sport, more women and elderly people are running marathons.

1/26/2015 Fewer women have pap tests
Only 70 per cent of women in the Region of Southern Denmark are accepting the offer to be screened for cell changes in the womb.

1/23/2015 Government accused of failing women
Organisations that work to fight human trafficking have criticised the Government for turning back on its promises.

1/23/2015 Biggest shipwreck ever in DK forgotten
The National Museum of Denmark opens its new treasure exhibition, which includes items from one of the biggest shipwrecks in Danish history.

1/23/2015 Impacts of the EU cash injection
People in Denmark will also feel the effects of the ECB stimulus package.

1/23/2015 Municipalities hit by cyber attacks
A number of Danish municipalities are currently experiencing major cyber attacks involving extortion.

1/23/2015 Under 15,000 sought asylum in 2014
Only 14,815 refugees sought asylum in Denmark in 2014 – far under Government estimates of 20,000.