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16-04-2014 Cigs, fat and booze are killing Danes
New figures from the cause of death register show that lifestyle diseases are still the biggest killers.

16-04-2014 More day closures introduced
Contrary to the government’s intentions, the number of day closures in day-care centres in 36 Danish local authorities is increasing.

16-04-2014 New ‘Better drug use’ guide
A group of international researchers have produced a guide for frequent drug users on how to take drugs responsibly.

16-04-2014 Fewer duty-free German beer imports
Figures show that last year Danes bought less duty-free beer and soft drinks from Germany and for the first time in many years, sales increased in Danish shops.

16-04-2014 Rejsekort encourages off-peak travel
Travel card deals for the Danish Rejsekort, encourage off-peak travel by public transport.

15-04-2014 Danish cancer cells in space
Six million cancer cells from a patient with aggressive thyroid cancer are to be sent into space to test their reaction to weightlessness.

15-04-2014 Policeman pushes man from wheelchair
Police officer pushes man out of wheel chair and leaves him lying on the ground.

15-04-2014 Lack of organ donors is problematic
Many politicians believe that Denmark is facing a problem with regard to organ donors. In 2013, the number was the lowest ever.

15-04-2014 34% take their smartphones to the loo
A new study by mobile phone company Telenor reveals that one in three Danes take their mobiles with them to the loo.

14-04-2014 Biker gangs involved in economic crime
Biker gangs earn billions from the black economy, where the punishment is less than that for drug trafficking.